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New Spring Nature Guardian Trails

By Toni, 24th May 2024

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new collaboration with Twimp! Starting Saturday 25th May, we will be offering three exciting Spring trails designed to engage children and families in the wonders of the park’s natural world.

Free and accessible through the Twimp app, these trails will take children on immersive adventures guided by lovable characters like Beetrice the Bee, Cyril the Squirrel and Dewi the Dunnock. ️

As they explore the Meadow, Woodland and Wet Woodland & River habitats, children will participate in challenges and learn fascinating facts about the park’s diverse wildlife and plant life. This interactive experience allows them to become the new Guardians of Bryngarw, taking over from the former Keepers who restored the land.

Who is Twimp?

Twimp (The World Is My Playground) is a local company based in Bridgend. Their mission is to help families “unplug & play” by providing innovative, educational and fun trails that encourage families to explore and enjoy the outdoors together.

We believe that spending time in nature is vital for a child’s development, fostering a love for the environment, encouraging physical activity and creating lasting memories. Our trails use storytelling, challenges and gamification to transform any walk into an exciting adventure.

Twimp and Bryngarw Country Park: A Perfect Partnership

The collaboration between Twimp and Bryngarw Country Park is a perfect fit for our mutual objectives. The park’s beautiful natural habitats provide the ideal backdrop for our engaging trails, and the new Spring adventures will allow children to connect with the park’s wildlife and plant life in a whole new way.

So, download the Twimp app today to get ready:

In this exciting new Twimp experience, children will:

  • Explore the 3 main habitats of Bryngarw Country Park
  • Learn about the creatures and plants that live there
  • Participate in fun and educational challenges
  • Become the new Guardians of Bryngarw

We can’t wait for you to join us on these exciting new trails!

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